When I am not busy doing work, I tend to unwind mostly with music. I have also recently started running and I am planning to run the Austin Half Marathon 2011. More on that and AID (the organization that introduced me to running) below. I also enjoy reading and some amateur photography, both of which have been dormant interests for sometime now. Hopefully, I'll be able to revive them pretty soon and post some interesting stuff here.

Association for India's Development

I have always wanted to give back to the country that I call home and very dearly love. I did not expect that I would get a chance to do so here in Austin, but Association For India's Development (AID) has introduced me to some amazing people who share my concern for India. Being a part of the organization, I have learnt a lot more about the challenges facing India, and more importantly I am now striving to make whatever little difference I can. AID supports grass-root development projects in India aimed towards sustainibilty. The projects span from educational, environmental to social problems that the country faces today. For more information visit the AID website


I started running in Fall 2010 and while it was incredibly hard to start, I have come to enjoy it a lot. I will be running the Austin Half Marathon 2011 on Feb 20, 2011. One of the main motivation behind my running endeavors has been to raise funds for AID Austin. The funds that I would raise would go on to support grass root development projects in India. More details can be found on my Run For India page.