An overview of my recent, current, and upcoming positions.

SAS Intern

I am currently an intern working on SAS's Advanced Analytics R&D team. I am developing an Excel integration for new analytical products and working closely with SAS data science and micro-services teams.

Research Assisstant

Since Fall 2016, I have been working as a quantitative research assistant at UT's Government department, co-authoring a paper with Dr. Kenneth Greene on the effects of campaigns in new democracies.

Blackbaud Intern

Was a Program Management Intern in the Summer of 2016. I acted as Scrum Master for two development teams where I facilitated scrum ceremonies, worked with product management and technical leads to plan feature development, and developed a Slack and JIRA integration in JavaScript.

Phi Kappa Tau

As Recruitment Chair of my fraternity, my job is to find and recruit men of good character and leadership potential to become part of our brotherhood. As a member of our Executive Board, I also act as a leader of our chapter and ensure that we execute our mission to improve our members and our community.

Texas Leaders

As an organization, Texas Leaders hosts conferences for the leaders of student organizations on campus and provide them with effective and practical leadership training. As Speakers Chair, I recruit the leaders of companies, nonprofits, and government to speak at these conferences and work directly with small groups of student leaders.

Computer Science & Government

I am an undergraduate student at the University of Texas at Austin, double majoring in Computer Science and Government. In Computer Science, I have taken advanced courses in Data Mining, Network Security and Operating Systems. In Government, I have studied Public Choice theory, Election Law, and Modern Political Theory.

About me

I am a developer deeply interested in using technology to solve the big issues our society faces today. My current focus is on the intersection between data science and social science, where the best of both can be used to save lives, implement more effective policy, and improve democratic institutions.

My skills range across disciplines. I have experience developing in Java, C, and R, and am familiar with JavaScript, C++, Stata, SQL and x86 assembly. I am fluent in English and Spanish. I have a deep understanding of the workings and psychology to run effective Scrum teams that embrace Agile methodologies. I have experience conducting quantitative research using panel surveys and creating models of human behavior. I've developed applications like Web Crawlers, built and expanded the components of an operating system, and found security vulnerabilities in web apps and computer programs.

Java, C and R






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