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On Friday night, there will be a project showcase were you will show off your project and let your fellow campers all "ooooooh" and "aaaaaah" over all your hard work. You will choose one of three categories in which to compete (yes, you must compete!) and prizes will be awarded in each of the three categories. Prizes to be announced.

On Saturday morning, you will have another project showcase where you will present your projects for your parents to "ooooooh" and "aaaaaah" over.

The three categories are:

During Thursday's lab, we'll ask you for your a) group name and b) showcase category. During Friday's lab, you'll be expected to record your presentation---so plan to finish on Thursday night!

For the presentations, your Arduino board will be powered with a battery rather than through a USB cable, which will allow you greater freedom of motion. The batteries will be distributed in lab on Friday.


The materials for your presentation include, of course, your Arduino board and your lights. However, should you need other materials (such as markers, foam board, tape, etc.) please talk to a member of the camp staff and we'll do our best to accommodate you.

Rules of the Showcase

  1. Pair programming and group programming guidelines must be followed, and every member must be able to explain and answer questions about its implementation.
  2. For every project except message writing, the project must run at least 15 seconds and no more than two minutes. For message writing, the project must consist of at least 10 letters and no more than 25.
  3. You must use at least three light colors in your project.
  4. During the presentation, every group member must come forward and have a role.
  5. You must submit all relevant files for your project to one of the camp staff. These files include code and any other necessary materials for your presentation, such as music, as well as your programming log.
  6. Your project must be able to run in an infinite loop, with a pause between the end of one iteration and the beginning of the next. If you have music, your music should be able to run on the same loop.

Possible Award Categories

Not all categories of awards may apply to all categories of competition