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CS398T: Micro-teaching Assignment

The purpose of the micro-teaching component of this course is to provide you with an opportunity to practice teaching a short activity to your peers. For your microteaching assignment, you will prepare a short (7 minute) lesson and teach it to your classmates, who will provide feedback and suggestions.

The topic may be any introductory CS topic of your choosing, contingent upon my approval. Your method of delivery and student engagement is up to you, but you are expected to present a coherent lesson and solicit participation from the students. I've created a Suggested Topics List, but any introductory CS topic is likely to be approved.

During the presentations, you will be evaluated by your fellow students and by me using the Peer Feedback Form from the University of Waterloo Centre for Teaching Excellence.

At the end of each class, we'll have an open discussion of the presentations we've seen.

You must submit your topic for approval to Alison (ans@cs) by 6p on Thursday, 9/19. The schedule will be announced by end of the day Thursday, 9/26. Student presentations will begin on Tuesday, 10/24, and will (likely) end on Tuesday, 11/19, though we may need to continue past that day. It is important that your lesson remain within the 7-minute time limit.

(Thanks to Dr. Anna Uhl Chamot for creating some of the wording of this assignment.)