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CS398T: Supervised Teaching in Computer Science

Dr. William Cook
Dr. Alison N. Norman

Schedule for Fall 2017

This schedule, and the links contained in it, are subject to change during the semester.




(to be completed before class)

Thu Aug 31 Course Overview, Being Professional, and
Quick and Dirty Guide to Being a TA

Tue Sep 5 Communication through Writing
Thu Sep 7 Research Talks
... More Research Talks

Tue Oct 17 How to be a Good TA
Thu Oct 19 Before and During Class
Lecture and Discussion Section Observation completed
(Fill out the Class Observation Form for each class.)
and Canvas Module completed

Tue Oct 24 Human Messiness
Thu Oct 26 Experienced TA/AI Panel Micro-teaching Assignment Posted

Tue Oct 31 Creating an Assessment Plan by Julie Stewart and Adria Battaglia Micro-teaching topics due
Thu Nov 2 Micro-teaching Presentations

Tue Nov 7 Micro-teaching Presentations
Thu Nov 9 Micro-teaching Presentations

Tue Nov 14 Micro-teaching Presentations
Thu Nov 16 Micro-teaching Presentations and
Teaching Miscellany