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CS439: Principles of Computer Systems

Homework 7, Part 1

Due: 9:45a Thursday, October 23, 2014

Part 1 of the homeworks must be submitted electronically. Please refer to the homework turnin instructions.

  1. Name two advantages of using small pages and two advantages of using large pages in a paging mechanism. Why page sizes are growing in paging memory systems?
  2. In a 32-bit machine we subdivide the virtual address into 4 segments as follows:
    8 bit
    We use a 3-level page table, such that the first 10-bits are for the first level and so on.
    1. What is the page size in such a system?
    2. What is the size of a page table for a process that has 256K of memory starting at address 0?
  3. The Operating System gives memory to the heap memory manager k page(s) at a time. Why?
  4. Consider a paging system with 16 pages and a page size of 256 bytes. The system has 1024 bytes of physical memory.
    1. How many bits are in a physical address?
    2. How many bits represent the page number?
    3. How many bits are in the complete virtual address?
    4. What size are the page frames?
  5. Question 9.19, page 852, B&O.