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Teaching Experience

The University of Texas at Austin

Lecturer, CS372 Introduction to Operating Systems: Spring 2012. Taught 154 students about the internals of operating systems, including memory management, file systems, processes, threads, scheduling, and synchronization. Also managed course staff members.

Lecturer, CS303E Elements of Computers and Programming: Fall 2011, Spring 2012. Taught large sections (120 and 95) students about the basics of computers and programming using Python. Managed course staff members.

Teaching Assistant, CS307 Foundations of Computer Science: Fall 2001, Fall 2004, Fall 2006, Spring 2007.

Teaching Assistant, CS303E Elements of Computers and Programming: Fall 2000, Spring 2001.

Georgia Institute of Technology

Teaching Assistant, CS2430 Control and Concurrency: Spring 1998-Spring 2000

Praise from Student Evaluations

"Great TA. Knows how to help everyone taking the course. Is very effective." (Spring 2007)

"Showing up was always worthwhile and never seemed to be a waste of time. Always made class enjoyable." (Fall 2006)

"She goes out of her way to help and get us to think outside the box. She's also fun, nice, and knows her stuff." (Fall 2006)

"She was very friendly and truly cared about all of us. Always went the extra mile to make sure we understood the topics." (Fall 2004)

"Alison did a great job of soliciting feedback from sts and trying to follow sts flow of thoughts/ideas/ She was very open to trying alt. ways of solving problems. Alison seemed genuinely concerned that the class understood the concepts. She was prepared for class each week & made good use of our time. Her explanations were very clear and helpful. I also appreciated her flexibility with allowing us to attend the other discussion section. Additionally, Alison did a good job of handling students with challenging attitudes (in the afternoon section) and not letting them disrupt/detract from the rest of the class learning." (Spring 2001)

" Alison is an excellent TA. She was always helpful and informative in class. In addition, she responded promptly to any email questions I had. I hope to have her in some other computer related course." (Fall 2000)

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