Ahmed Raza

I am currently a student at The University of Texas at Austin '18, obtaining my B.S. in Computer Science.

When I am not at school, I am usually working on my Forex software business, getting my startup off the ground, or working on one of my other projects. Links below!

In terms of programming, I have experience in Java, HTML, and CSS, and I am currently on the pursuit of learning many more languages! My non-programming skills include business developement, data analysis, entrepreneurship, writing, public speaking, and much more!

In my free time (what free time?), I enjoy spending time with my family and friends and avidly rewatching and rereading Harry Potter!



Please feel free to check out my projects below. You can click on the images to get more information on the project.

Braided Rugs Plus

Magic Startups


Contact Me

Contact Details

Email: ahmed@sitevestment.com

Phone: (832) 535-5527