Hello, my name is Andrew, and I am currenty a student studying computer science at the University of Texas at Austin. This website is very basic right now (Or perhaps it is just masterfully designed to utilize a simplistic format and negative space), but I plan to keep working on it and adding new content, such as my own programming projects or things that I find interesting while reading books or 'sites on the World Wide Web.

So far, I have taken the following computer science courses:
- CS 350C: Advanced Computer Architecture
- CS 331: Algorithms and Complexity
- CS 356: Computer Networks
- CS 429: Computer Organization and Architecture
- CS 347: Data Management
- CS 314: Data Structures
- CS 311: Discrete Math
- CS 371R: Information Retrieval and Web Search
- CS 371P: Object Oriented Programming
- CS 439: Operating Systems
- CS 371P: Programming for Performance

 Thanks for visiting my website!