Animation of Human Body

Dr Chandrajit Bajaj

Sue Baldor, Zaiqing Xu, Florian Mayer, Matthias Wiesen, Sangmin Park, Kevin Baldor, Young-in, Jessica, Vinay

Project reports

Project status


1. Building Static Objects

Participants    Sue Baldor, Zaiqing Xu, Florian Mayer

Approaches    There are two approaches which can be followed




2.  Building a Scene + Guide-map

Participants      Matthias Wiesen

Guide-map       Editable 2D representation to capture 3D region of interests as well as history visitation and exploration




3. Building Dynamic Object

Participants   Young-in, Jessica, Vinay


C. L. Bajaj, C. Baldazzi, S. Cutchin, A. Paoluzzi, V. Pascucci and M. Vincentino.
A Programming Approach for Complex Animations.
Computer Aided Design 31:11(1999) 695-710 (

C. Bajaj,C. Baldazzi, S. Cutchin, A. Paoluzzi, V. Pascucci and M. Vicentino
Animations through Geometric Programming (ps) (pdf)

C. Bajaj, F. Bernardini, E. Sacks, D. Schikore, K. Lin
Physical Simulation of the Visible Human Joints
Accepted for presentation at The Visible Human Project Conference, 1996.

C. Bajaj, F. Bernardini, V. Pascucci, D. Schikore
Interrogative Visualization of the Visible Human Datasets
Accepted for presentation at The Visible Human Project Conference, 1996.

C. Bajaj, S. Cutchin
The GATI Client-Server Animation Toolkit
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C. Bajaj
Electronic Models of the Human Anatomy
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Proceedings: Symposium on Electronic Imaging Science Technology, Boston, Massachusetts, vol. 1610, (1991), 230-237

Current animation projects:


GATI, PLASM animation toolkits



4.Fast Interactive Browsing + Use of Guide-map for Controlled Tour

Participants    Kevin Baldor

Data Structures for LOD/Visibility

Software    DAG-based multiresolution tool

Example of Fly through from the web


Multi-Resolution Dynamic Meshes with Arbitrary Deformations
A. Shamir, C. L. Bajaj, V. Pascucci
Proc of IEEE Visualization Conference 2000, Salt Lake City, Utah, pg 423 - 430 ( pdf)



5. Multi-Tiled Display

    Participants   Sangmin Park

    (a) Chromium : interactive rendering system running on a cluster of workstations

    (b) Performer : high level OpenGL library maximizing graphics performance

    (c) Perfly (Performer Fly-through) : a visual simulation program with terrain following, eye-tracking.

    (d) Viz Lab Back Project Screen (5 * 2) driven by alpha1-10( PC cluster)