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1. Building Static Objects

2. Building a Scene + Guidemap

3. Building Dynamic Objects

4. Fast Interactive Browsing + Use of Guidemap for Controlled Tour

5. Multi-Tiled Display


1. Building Static Objects

Participants : Shubing Wang, Yufeng Zhang, Somart Niyogi


        (1) CPK


        (2) Solvent Accessible Surface


        (3) Solvent Excluded Surface

    (4) Isocontour of Electrostatic Potentials ( Dataset )


X. Zhang, C. Bajaj, W. Blanke
Scalable Isosurface Visualization of Massive Datasets on COTS-Cluster
Proc. of IEEE 2001 Symposium on Parallel and Large-Data Visualization and Graphics, pg. 51-58, San Diego, CA, 2001 (pdf)

C. Bajaj, H.Y. Lee, R. Merkert, V. Pascucci
NURBS based B-rep Models from Macromolecules and their Properties,
In Proceedings Fourth Symposium on Solid Modeling and Applications, Atlanta,Georgia, 1997,C. Hoffmann and W. Bronsvort Eds., ACM Press. pp. 217-228 (ps.gz)

Software : MolViewer, VoroComp , Parallel Isocontouring

2.  Building a Scene + Guidemap

Participants : Matt Anderson(Python)


3. Building Dynamic Objects

Participants : Dave Harding , Sadia Malik

4.Fast Interactive Browsing + Use of Guidemap for Controlled Tour

Participants : Bong-Soo Sohn , Russell Gayle

5. Multi-Tiled Display

    Participants : Ben Kirk, Sangmin Park, Matt Anderson

    (A) Chromium : interactive rendering system running on a cluster of workstations

    (B) Performer : high level OpenGL library maximizing graphics performance

    (C) Perfly (Performer Fly-through) : a visual simulation program with terrain follwing, eye-tracking.

    (D) Viz Lab Back Project Screen (5 * 2) driven by alpha1-10( PC cluster)