Chandrajit Bajaj
mAChE (a): the isosurface at 0.5 from the accessibility function; (b): the wire frame of the isosurface and an outer sphere; (c): a zoomed-in picture to show the refined cavity; (d): the adaptive tetrahedral mesh of the volume between the isosurface and an outer sphere. The color on the isosurface represents the distribution of the potential function, the color map is: (-inf, -0.5) - red; [-0.5, 0.5] - white; (0.5, +inf) - blue.
The figures appear in 3D Finite Element Meshing from Imaging Data, Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering (CMAME) on Unstructured Mesh Generation, 194, 48-49, 5083-5106, 2005.

Reactive boundary definitions for mAChE. The figures appear in Continuum Diffusion Reaction Rate Calculations of Wild Type and Mutant Mouse Acetylcholinesterase: Adaptive Finite Element Analysis, Biophysical Journal, 87(3):1558-1566, 2004.