Chandrajit Bajaj



FastIsoSurf is an accelerated isosurfacing package. It allows an efficient extraction of constant valued curves and surfaces from 2d and 3d scalar fields. You can display these curves and surfaces and apply interactive control with great helps in determining the behavior of a scalar field over time.

  • Accelerated isocontouring can be achieved by preprocessing of the data to establish a "seed set" of cells which contains at least one cell from each connected component of each isocontour. From this typically small set of cells, we apply contour propagation to track a contour through cell adjacencies.
  • To provide an advantage in worst-case computational complexity, the seed set is further preprocessed into an optimal O(log n) search structure, such as the interval tree or segment tree. Total complexity is O(log n + k), where n is the size of the seed set, and k is the number of cells intersected by the surface. In practice, speedups of 2-40 times are achieved.


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  • FastIsoSurf is currently provided through our molecular visulazation and computation package TexMol.

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