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Description VolumeRover (a.k.a VolRover) is interactive multi-purpose image processing software developed at CVC. It can visualize three dimensional imaging data of any size (as big as terabyte) in a commodity PC or workstation and additionally supports the following image processing operations.

  • Image Contrast Enhancement
  • Filtering/Noise Reduction
  • Image Segmentation
  • Isocontouring
  • Symmetry Detection (for Virus Maps)
  • Boundary-free Image Skeletonization

VolRover provides a user interface to a number of CVC software packages including Segmentation, Contrast Enhancement, and Motif Elucidation.

Download VolumeRover

For more pictures, animations, and interactive viz. of macromolecular structures using Volume Rover, please visit CVC Gallery

Contact developers Joe Rivera or Alex Rand for more info.

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