4. Milestones

In this project you are encouraged to use two categories of software tools available at CVC:

  1. Authoring software that includes the modeling tools like TexMol, VolRover and Maya
  2. Player software that includes Perfly, Interactive VolVideo (IVV) for interactive display.

For the scheduled timeline please see the following table.

Oct. 26 Project release, Discussion, Role assignments
Nov. 2 Initial Models (Molecules + Membrane)
Authoring + Player Software
Nov. 9 First unified model of NMJ
Outline of further steps
Nov. 16 LOD (Level-of-detail) model of NMJ
Nov. 23 Holiday
Nov. 30 Augmenting models with properties (Electrostatics, Hydrophobicity)
Use of 3D textures
Dec. 7 Demo Day!!!


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