2. Papers

Overall Ribosome Structure

  1. structure of the ribosome at 5.5 A resolution Papers/Yusupov.pdf
  2. The ribosome through the looking glass. Papers/Wilson(attachment sites).pdf
  3. Cryo-electron microscopy as an investigative tool: the ribosome as an example.Papers/Frank(ribosome pics).pdf
  4. Three-dimensional structures of translating ribosomes by cryo-em. Papers\Gilbert.pdf

Ribosome Movement

  1. Locking and unlocking of ribosomal motions. Papers\Valle(ribosome movement).pdf
  2. A ratchet-like inter-subunit reorganization of the ribosome during translocation.Papers\Frank(ribosome movement).pdf
  3. Ribosome motions modulate electrostatic properties. Papers\Trylska(ribosome motion).pdf
  4. Dynamic reorganization of the functionally active ribosome explored by normal mode analysis and cryo-electron microscopy. Papers\Tama(ribosome movement).pdf
  5. Study of the structural dynamics of E. Coli 70s ribosome using real space refinementPapers/Gao(ribosome dynamics).pdf

Initiation Factor Structure, Function, and Interaction

  1. Mapping the active sites of bacterial translation initiation factor IF3. Papers\Petrelli(IF3).pdf
  2. Interaction of translation initiation factor 3 with the 30s ribosomal subunit.Papers\Noller(IF3).pdf
  3. Ribosomal localization of translation initiation factor IF2. Papers\Marzi(IF2).pdf
  4. Translation initiation factor IF3: two domains, five functions, one mechanism?Papers\Petrelli(IF3 cycle).pdf
  5. The roles of initiation factor 2 and guanosine triphosphate in initiation of protein synthesis. Papers\Antoun(IF2).pdf
  6. Structure and function of bacterial initiation factors. Papers\Boelens(IF3andIF1).pdf
  7. The translation initiation functions of IF2: targets for theostrepton inhibition.Papers\Brandi(IF2).pdf
  8. Crystal structure of an initiation factor bound to the 30s ribosomal subunit.Papers\Carter.pdf
  9. Late events of translation initiation in bacteria: a kinetic analysis. Papers\Tomsic(initiation events).pdf

Elongation Factor Structure, Function, and Interaction

  1. Interactions of translation factor EF-G with the bacterial ribosome before and after mRNA translocation. Papers/Wilson(EF-G).pdf
  2. Ribosomal translocation: sparsomycin pushes the button.Papers\Southworth(Translocation).pdf
  3. Role of domains 4 and 5 in elongation factor G functions on the ribosome.Papers\Savelsbergh(EF-G).pdf
  4. The role of Glu259 in e. coli elongation factor Tu in ternary complex formation.Papers\Pederson(EF-Tu2).pdf

Release and Recycling Factors

  1. Visualization of release factor 3 on the ribosome during termination of protein synthesis.Papers\Klaholz(RF3).pdf
  2. Structural analysis of peptide release factor 1 from thermotoga maritima reveal domain flexibility required for its interaction with the ribosome. Papers\Shin(RF1).pdf
  3. Crystal structure of thermotoga maritima ribosome recycling factor: a tRNA mimic.Papers\Selmer(RRF).pdf
  4. Visualization of ribosome recycling factor on the escerichia coli 70s ribosome: functional implications. Papers\Agrawal(RRF).pdf
  5. Crystalization and preliminary x-ray crystallographic studies of mutant ribosome recycling factor from escherichia coli. Papers\Nakano(RRF).pdf
  6. Role of ribosome recycling factor (RRF) in translational coupling. Papers\Inokuchi.pdf
  7. Ribosome recycling, diffusion, and mRNA loop formation in translational regularization.Papers\Chou(polysome pic).pdf
  8. Structure of the escherichia coli ribosomal termination complex with release factor 2. Papers\Klaholz(RF2).pdf
  9. The essential role of the invariant GGQ motif in the function and stability in vivo of bacterial release factors RF1 and RF2. Papers\Mora(RF1andRF2).pdf

tRNA Structure and Function

  1. Visualization of tRNA movements on the escherichia coli 70S ribosome during the elongation cycle. Papers\Agrawal(attachment sites).pdf
  2. Aminoacl -tRNA synthesis. Papers\Ibba(tRNA synthesis).pdf
  3. Mapping the fMet tRNA binding site of initiation factor IF2. Papers\Guenneugues(IF2tRNA interaction).pdf
  4. Ribosomal tRNA binding sites: three-site models of translation. Papers\Burkhardt.pdf

New References

  1. RNA-Protein Machines: functional interplay of the tRNA binding sites of the ribosome. V. Marquez, D.N. Wilson, K.H. Nierhaus. December 2001. Papers\Marquez.pdf
  2. Selection of tRNA by the ribosome requires a transition from an open to a closed form. Ogle J.M. Murphy F.V., Tarry M.J., Ramakrishnan V. Cell, Vol 11. 2002.Papers\Ramakrishnan(ribosomemotion).pdf
  3. Hasty decisions on the ribosome. Sherlin L.D., Uhlenbeck O. Nature 2004.Papers\Sherlin.pdf
  4. Incorporaton of aminoacyl-tRNA into the ribosome as seen by cro-electron microscopy. Valle M. et al. Nature. 2003.Papers\Valle(tRNAmovement).pdf
  5. X-ray crystal structures of the WT and a hyper-accurate ribosome from Escherichia coli. Vila-Sanjurjo et al. PNAS 2003. Papers\Vila_Sanjurio.pdf