Volumetric Data Sets

3. Volumetric Data Sets

The original data set is provided by Dr. Lei Dong, MD-Anderson.

The original data set contains the scanned image of an anonymous volunteer on the first day, second day before the treatment was conducted, and after the treatment was conducted, the sixth, the eighth, the twelfth, and the sixteenth days. Here in this page, only the processing results of the data sets collected on the second day are shown, which tells significant changes of the bladder during a 20-min radiation treatment.

The above image shows the change of the bladder after a 20-min radiation treatment. In the image, contours are given, with ‘blue’ for ‘prostate’, ‘red’ for ‘rectum’, ‘yellow’ for ‘bladder’, and ‘green’ for ‘seminal vesicle’. The left image is taken before the treatment was conducted (‘before data set‘), while the right one is taken after the treatment (‘after data set‘).

This movie compares the differences between the two volumetric data set.