Angstrom Angstrom studies multiresolution geometric data structures and computational mathematics algorithms that are essential for a wide range of molecular structure determination, energetics, interactions, and simulations.
neuroModeling NeuroModeling Understanding the fundamental relationship between neuron structure and function has long been an important goal in neuroscience. At all scales of analysis, the roles that geometric shapes and spatial interrelationships play in determining the functional abilities and constraints on brain activity are of paramount consideration.
Bio-Model Bio-Model studies computational modeling, simulation and visualization of anatomical and physiological processes.
X-Tierra X-Tierra studies computational modeling, simulation and visualization of computational earth sciences.

DiDi DiDi studies both the computational hardware and software infrastructure that underpin interactive visual manipulation of extremely large data streams on huge stereo display screens (Data Intensive, Display Intensive computations).
VisualEyes VisualEyes is focused on integrating geometric modeling, simulation and visualization of static and time-varying imaging, and multivariate scalar, vector, tensor field data. This project is driven by close cooperation with application researchers in bio-nanotechnology, bio-medicine, composite materials, electromagnetic scattering, oil reservoir modeling, and cosmological simulations.
shastra Shastra is directed at research in CSCW (Computer Supported Cooperative Work) based geometric design prototyping and synthetic environments. The implementation is on the multimedia desktop and harnesses the power of networked workstations.