Machines for CS354

You can do the projects on any machine you want, but the completed projects must compile and run on the machines in the basement of Taylor hall.

This course uses the OpenGL graphics API, which is a platform independent library available on a variety of machines. MesaGL and MesaGLU are publicly available libraries which run on UNIX, Windows and Macintoshes and which provide an OpenGL like API. We will also use the GLUT library for windowing functions with Mesa/OpenGL. GLUT is the OpenGL user toolkit available from SGI, which provides a user interface toolkit to support the development of medium scale applications.The CS department provides the MesaGL, MesaGLU, and GLUT libraries on all public UNIX machines in the laboratories.

The following compilers and debuggers are recommended for the class projects  You can also install these free libraries on your own machine, and work there. But remember that completed projects must compile and run on the department machines in Taylor hall. Check the Links section of the course home page for useful Mesa/OpenGL sites on the web.