Chandrajit Bajaj

Rice Dwarf Virus outer shell, inner shell, segmented compoment of outer shell, and segmented compoment of inner shell.
The figures appear in project 3D Cryo-Electron Microscopy.












3D cryo-EM image of Rice Dwarf Virus (RDV) processed via our meshing pipeline. (a): two dimensional projection of an acquired cryo-EM image of the virus particles. (b): reconstructed 3D image of intensities -bisected to show interior and volume rendered. (c): the RDV capsid with inner core packing of proteins and nucleic acids, volume rendered with appropriate opacity transfer function. (d): RDV shown in (c) after contrast enhancement step. (e): segmentation before filtering into an outer capsid layer (blue), inner capsid layer (purple) and the inner core (green). Note noise around the outer capsid. (f): segmentation applied after anisotropic filtering of the 3D image. (g): outer capsid layer is further automatically segmented into locally asymmetric subunits. A P8 trimeric subunit is identified. (h): surface rendering of the segmented P8 trimeric subunit from the outer capsid. (i): the P8 trimeric subunits is further segmented into three P8 monomeric proteins (colored differently). Triangular surface (j) and tetrahedral volumetric mesh (k) of each P8 monomeric protein subunit are shown.