Homework 1: HTML + CSS

Due February 4th, 11:59pm

Submission Instructions

As with all homeworks, you will submit this project in a two-step process:

Make sure your name, email address, and eid are in a comment at the top of each file you submit.


Social networks are all the rage today, with angel investors looking for the next Facebook to dump money into. For this assignment, you need to create the initial webpages for a simple social network. It can be a straightforward Facebook knockoff, or you can offer your own unique spin on the phenomenon, like a network specialized for movie aficionados or foodies. You will be improving this website throughout the course, so I encourage you to have fun with it. Brownie points for creativity.

For this assignment, you need to build at least three different webpages:

Hint: One way to preserve data so that it can be used by another handler is to include it in a hidden input element. I would recommend you do this for the two forms on the profile page.

Bonus Points

Use style sheets to beautify your three pages.