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Good morning, welcome to Brahma S. Pavse's Homepage!

Welcome to my humble abode! As the page suggests, my name is Brahma S. Pavse. I am currently a freshman majoring in Computer Science at the The University of Texas at Austin.

I was born and raised in Lowell, Massachusetts. Moreover, I have experienced a diversified journey by living in Pune, India for sometime! Now I am finally, as you predicted, in Austin.

My area of interest primarily lies in Software Development, specifically in areas pertaining to Full Stack development, Machine Learning and Databases.

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  • Yelper, Your Helper
    Created a Breadth First Search Web Crawler/Scraper, "Yelper, You Helper" using Python and MySQL, to collect information from a user-desired search on Directions and distance between current location and data's address are computed. Data is stored in a MySQL database for future retrieval.
    Built back-end using: Python and MySQL.
    Current front-end development using: HTML, CSS, JavaScript.
  • YourTubes
    Implemented a Web Scraper, "YourTubes", using Python to scrape video links from a user-desired playlist on Links are automatically sent to a 3rd party site to download videos to users system.
    Built using: Python
  • Brahma's Homepage
    Designed this webpage from scratch using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery Library as web technologies.
    Built using: HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery
  • Come Together (For music lovers: Come Together)
    Developed a Social Network by keeping track of data via HashMaps and ArrayLists. That enabled users to possess profile pictures, friends list and statuses.
    Built using: Java and text files.


Omniscient Software, Summer 2014
Software Testing Intern
Focused on optimization of Network Software Product through testing and configuring to ensure emphasis was placed on regulation of specific restrictive websites for employee.
The process enabled an ethical work paradigm for all employees and increased Omniscient's productivity by 15%.

Technical Skills

    Programming Skills:
  • Proficient: Java, Java ACM Library
  • Familiar: Python
  • Exposure: C++

  • Web Development:
  • Familiar: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery

  • Databases:
  • Familiar: MySQL

  • Version Control:
  • Exposure: Git, GitHub


    Fall 2015:
  • CS312 - Introduction to Programming (SCOTT)
  • M408D - Sequences, Series and Multivariable Calculus (CEPPARO)
  • ECO304K - Introduction to Microeconomics (WISEMAN)

  • Spring 2016:
  • CS314 - Data Structures (SCOTT)
  • CS311 - Discrete Mathematics (BULKO)
  • CS378 - Autonomous Intelligent Robotics
  • SDS321 - Introduction to Stats and Probability (MYERS)