Project Directions

CS313E – Fall 2000


  1. Projects are defined as a set of work products with a due date for each work product. Each work product has a specified format and a specified turn-in procedure. You have generated examples of these work products for the outside assignments or on the mid-term exam. Each of the work products is a basis for the next work product. The goal for the project is to put it all together.
  1. Work Product - Object Model - The object model is a diagrammatic and textual specification of the objects defined by the requirements specification and the relationships among these objects. The work products for the object model are: (i) tablular object model specifications in the format of outside assignment number 2, (ii) a set of UML diagrams The diagrams can be manually drawn or drawn with Word, PowerPoint or with Rational Rose’s UML editor. (You can get a free copy of this editor by downloading from Rational Rose’s web site.)
  2. Due Date – November 21h at 5PM.

  3. Work Product 2 - Behavior Model - The work product for the Behavior Model is a state machine for each class where each state has at least one method associated with it. The state machine is be specified as a diagram where the nodes are annotated with the method being executed when the object is in this state. The diagrams can be hand drawn or done in Word or PowerPoint.
  4. Due Date – November 21th at 5PM

  5. Work Product 3 - Design or Interface Model - The design model is a translation of the information of the object model and behavior model into Java notation. The work product is the set of class headers, instance variable declarations and method headers. Pre-conditions and post-conditions should be included where appropriate. The format is the tables used in the midterm exam. This work product is to be prepared in Word and submitted as hard copy.
  6. Due Date – November 21th at 5PM

  7. Work Product 4 - Test and Validation Plan - A test and validation plan is a specification of the set of executions of the Environment and Control Model which will be executed to validate the program for correctness. The work product for the test and validation plan is a specification for the initial conditions and/or inputs for the algorithm implemented by the Environment and Control Module. It should include the set of class instances which will be used to test the program and a couple of sequence diagrams for the major paths through the system. The format for this work product is a hard copy.
  8. Due Date – November 28th at 5PM

  9. Work Product 5 - Environment and Control Model - The environment and control model is the driver or main program which causes objects to interact to execute the functionality of the system. The Environment and Control Model (ECM) can be a main program for one of the objects in the object model or a main program in a separate class which is a test driver for your system. The work product is an algorithm. The algorithm is a specification of a set of initial conditions and/or inputs and a sequence of steps leading to the outputs. Each step should be described as an English narrative with mathematics used as needed. The actions at each step will usually include invocations of methods in the other objects. The format for this work product is a hard copy.
  10. Due Date – November 28th at 5PM

  11. Work Product 6 - Identification of Library Components - Each project can make use of one or more predefined classes which can be found either in the Java Package library ( or elsewhere. The work product for the required library components are: (i) a requirements specification for each class you need and (ii) the package and class name in the Java libraries. If you have trouble finding an implementation of a class for which you have identified a requirement, contact the instructor to the TAs. The format for this work product is a hard copy.
  12. Due Date – November 28th at 5PM

  13. Work Product 7 -Java implementations of the classes defined by the design model and the ECM model. The code should include Assertion checking or similar checking for pre-conditions of methods. The work product is the Java source code, the compiled code for the program including the ECM program. This workproduct should be submitted via the turn in program.
  14. Due Date – Dec. 4thth at 5PM

  15. Work Product 8 - Validated program (source and compiled files) with files of inputs and outputs for the test and validation plan. This workproduct should be submitted via the turn in program.

Due Date – December 11th at 5PM


  1. Work Products and their Evaluation

A full score for the project will require acceptable versions of all of the workproducts. The intermediate work products will not be graded separately. But the instructor and the TAs will review any work product which is available before the due date for the work product and advice on the value of this work product as a basis for the further work products.

We will arrange special work sessions to review the intermediate work products. The first of these work sessions will be 3PM-5PM Saturday, November 11th in Taylor 2.122. The second will be Wednesday, November 15th in the afternoon from 1PM-2PM in Taylor 2.122. There will also be a special work session which will be scheduled next week.