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Grade calculator for Bulko's classes

This tool is provided to allow you to enter grades you have already earned, along with projections of what you expect/need to get later in the semester, in order to finish with the final grade you're hoping for.

Be sure to confirm that this tool applies to your class! Check the syllabus for your class to ensure the ratio of homework average to exam average is correct.

This tool:

The Grade Calculator does not store any data online, so any scores you enter appear in your browser only. If you shut down and restart your browser, any data you entered previously will probably be lost (or cached locally within your browser).

Click on a field to enter a score from 0 to 100. You can either type in a score, or use the arrows in the entry fields to increase or decrease the score.

Use TAB and Shift-TAB to navigate to the next field and previous field respectively.

Enter scores for your homework and exams