Dr. William C. Bulko
University of Texas
Dept. of Computer Science
Fall 2017 Classes
CS 311
CS 313E

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Summer 2017 Classes
CS 313E
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Spring 2017 Classes
CS 311
CS 313E

Fall 2016 Classes
CS 313E
CS 378

Summer 2016 Classes
CS 313E

Spring 2016 Classes
CS 311
CS 313E

Fall 2015 Classes
CS 313E [50595] (TTh)
CS 313E [50597] (MWF)
CS 311
office location: GDC 4.308
Office Phone:   (512) 471-7021
email:   bulko@cs.utexas.edu
fax:   (512) 471-8885


Professional Experience:

24 years with IBM. Multiple roles including:

Research interests include:

Artificial Intelligence, Expert Systems, Programming Languages, Pervasive Computing, and Computer Science Education.

Personal interests:

Bowling, reading, TV and movies, music, and spending time with my family.



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