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Hello, welcome

This is a help site for Mobile Computing. (It may or may not actually help.)

The purpose of this place is to provide some reference to people who are new to Swift and Xcode or are not as familiar with them as they'd like to be. I created this web place based on my own and my class' experiences, so there is a possibility that what you're looking for might not be here at this moment.

What we cover is visible on the navigation sidebar, but just in case: the Swift language and its basics;  how to setup the playground and a simple project (for your homeworks); and Xcode interfaces for projects (the basic and not as basic).

There's also a section of extras where I've looked all over the web (and class) and compiled a page of neat things that you might like to use on your group project or in general if you decide to pursue creating your own app.


That's... about it. I hope this website will prove useful or inspirational to you in any form. Good luck, and have fun! (Also, any complaints or suggestions should be sent to Professor Bulko, I am no longer responsible wheee I'm freee.)