CS Intensive: Fall, 2014

Dates: August 20-23, 2014

Instructors: Dr. Shyamal Mitra and Dr. Bill Young
Student assistants: Lee Thompson and Eric Lane

This website: www.cs.utexas.edu/users/byoung/bootcamp/bootcamp-index.html

Slides and Other Resources


Introduction to the Intensive (Young)
Learning Strategy Session 1 (Young)
Lecture 1: Turtle Graphics (Young)
Lecture 2: Turtle Graphics (Young)
Learning Strategies 2 (Mitra)
Algorithmic Thinking: part 1 (Mitra)
Algorithmic Thinking: part 2 (Mitra)
Lecture 4: Turtle Graphics (Young)
Algorithmic Thinking: part 3 (Mitra)

Turtle Graphics Assignments (Young)
Algorithmic Thinking Problems (Mitra)

Pair Programming Paper

Instructions for the microcontroller

Named Colors
Color Wheel
%Investigate colors from RGB

Resources for Student Learners:

UT's Sanger Learning Center
Princeton's McGraw Center

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