CS313E Assignment 2: Turtle Graphics (10 points)

Due: by Monday, 9/24/11

Your program listing should have the following information.

#  Files: Assignment2a.py, Assignment2b.py
#  Description:
#  Student's Name:
#  Student's UT EID:
#  Course Name: CS 313E 
#  Date Created:
#  Date Last Modified:

The Assignment

Your assignment has two parts. You will submit two different Python files, to be called Assignment2a.py and Assignment2b.py. Make sure that your picture persists on the screen for 20 seconds after the drawing is finished.
  1. Use the turtle graphics module to draw a house with a door, two windows, and a chimney. You can make it as detailed and colorful as you like.
  2. Use the turtle graphics module to draw some interesting picture of your own choosing. You will be judged on your creativity and execution.
Your program should run and draw the picture when the TA runs the command python Assignment2a.py or python Assignment2b.py.