CS329 Assignment 3

Due: Ongoing: due each Friday during the semester, starting Friday, February 10. There may be weeks (test weeks, etc.) when I will suspend this assignment, but assume it is in force unless told otherwise.

The Assignment

You should have an HTML page posted on your webspace called CurrentEvents.html. By Friday of each week, find a news item online related to Cyberspace. This can be about technology, current affairs, ethical issues, etc. The topic is very, very broad, but your item must be arguably relevant to this course.

Append to the end of your CurrentEvents.html page, a hyperlink to the article along with a prose short description of the article and your assessment of why it is relevant to this course. At the end of the semester, you should have links and descriptions from many different articles. Make sure that your links are live, and make sure that you are not copying a friend's submission. Below is a sample, though it's not as current as yours should be:

Date: Friday, February 8, 2013.

Link: Education about the Internet

Synopsis: This article from the New York Times online Technology blog describes the current popularity of learning computer programming languages as an entre into the world of the Internet. Because of the ubiquity of the Internet in the modern world, programming is an increasingly valuable skill. Various organizations are jumping into the marketplace providing these skills online. However, experts wonder about the value of some of these offerings.

Relevance: The Internet is a key enabler of Cyberspace; being able to do Internet programming is crucial to many things one might like to do online.