The primary assignment for the second half of the semester is to produce a website on the topic you've chosen in Assignment 4 and report on it to the class. Your website should be well designed, well structured and executed. You don't have to be fancy on a commercial level, but it also shouldn't be so plain as to be dull and uninteresting. You will present your website to the class and in the process educate us about the topic.

CS329E Assignment 7a

Due: a final draft version of your website is due Monday, March 25. Submit the URL to Dr. Young and the TA. Make sure it's world readable. Notice that Spring Break comes between now and then, so plan your time carefully.

Notice that it's a draft that is required on March 25, but it should be a final draft. My plan is to visit your website and give you some feedback that will allow you to submit a revised version later if there are substantive issues. So don't turn in some half-baked crap on March 25.

Your website should indicate that you have done the research necessary to understand the topic you're presenting, and also that you have designed a website to showcase the topic in an informative and attractive way. If you are working with a partner, your website should reflect more effort.

Beginning Monday (3/25), you should be prepared to give an (approximately 15 minute) presentation on your topic and answer any questions that may arise relating to your topic. If you want to prepare PowerPoint (or equivalent) you're welcome to do so, or you can walk us through your website. Notice that the website should be a good source of information on the topic, so should contain more information that you can reasonable present in 15 minutes. Don't expect to just read text from the website to us. You are showcasing/advertising your website, not reciting it.

The presentation order will be decided by a lottery and posted on our syllabus page. You must be ready when your slot comes up.

Material you post on line should follow good standards for writing and honesty, just as a paper you write would. Perhaps the most important proviso is to make sure that you don't plagarize. If you get lazy and try to copy materials from the Internet without attribution, you will get an F if we catch you, and may face other academic penalties. Be sure to include references for all the sources you use. You should have a page citing all the sources you have used. If you have fewer than 4 such references, it will indicate a lack of effort on your part, though some topics have more readily accessible sources than others.

CS329E Assignment 7b

Due: on an ongoing basis throughout the presentation period.

For each day that presentations are given, you will prepare two "quiz" questions for each of the presentations (including your own). Imagine that you were preparing a quiz to test your classmates' attentiveness during the presentations. Make your questions about the substantive issues of the presentations, not about trivial matters. They should be questions that would be answered by a short essay, not short answer questions.

These will be collected at the end of each class in which presentations are given, so you must be attentive to each presentation and prepare your questions in "real time". Obviously, you will not submit questions for presentations for which you are not present. If a presentation is continued to the subsequent class, the questions for that presentation will be submitted on the day it finishes. Please write legibly.

Each individual is expected to do this part of the assignment, even if you're working with a partner on the paper and presentation. Do not copy someone else's questions.

Your submission will be broken up into N sections (where N is the number of presentations on that day) with a heading and the two questions for that topic. If you're attending and attentive to the presentations, this should be quite easy.

CS329E Assignment 7c

Due: TBA.

The final revised version of your website will be submitted after we finish all of the presentations. You must address any substantive issues noted by the grading of the initial draft.