CS378 Assignment 1

Due: Friday, Feb. 6 at class time; bring a hard copy to class (send it electronically if you won't be in class).

Note you can work with one other student on this project. If you so, be sure to identify both members of the team and include a sentence explaining the contributions of each.

Consider the various definitions/characterizations of Information Assurance given in the first part of slideset 1. Write your own definition of Information Assurance. Explain how your definition relates to or encompasses the following:

There is no page limit, but I'd guess that this shouldn't take more than about 3 pages. Use the information from the slides; you don't have to read (or cite) the source documents behind these.

Grading Information:

This and subsequent writing assignments will be graded on the following criteria:
  1. Did you do the assignment as specified?
  2. Did you give it adequate thought and care?
  3. Is your argument well reasoned and supported by evidence?
  4. Is the document formatted reasonably? (It's better short than padded.)
  5. Are references cited correctly?
  6. Is the writing style acceptable?
We're not grading on grammar or spelling, but you should make a credible effort to write in a style worthy of a student at a top-tier university.