CS378 Assignment 3

Due: Friday, February 28, 2014.

The Assignment

Hopefully, by now you have thought about your project topic. It's time to get started on the project in earnest. By February 28, you should do the following:
  1. Reserve your project topic with Dr. Young.

  2. Create and submit a document containing the following:

    1. a short but informative description (a few paragraphs) describing your project topic and why it is relevant to this class; and

    2. at least 10 resourses you have found (on-line or otherwise) that you will use as sources for your project research. List them with descriptions in the form of an annotated bibliography. If the resources are on-line resources, be sure that you include a URL. Use good citation style.
Understand that the topic you choose has to support a sizable research paper and an interesting presentation. In general, the paper will be around 5 pages for each member of your team. If your team has five members, your paper will be around 20 pages. (If a member of your team has dropped the class, you can reduce the size accordingly.) So, don't pick something trivial or so focused that you can't imagine producing that.

No two groups may choose the same topic, though topics may be related. So if you find one of the following attractive, stake your claim early. There is more than enough material for a book on a variety of topics, but some likely will require more digging than others.