CS361C Assignment 4

Due: a final draft of the paper is due Monday, March 24 at class time. Please have a paper copy available at that time. Notice that Spring Break comes between now and then, so plan your time carefully.

Notice that it's a draft that is required on March 24, but it should be a final draft. My goal is to read the papers, give you feedback and allow you to submit a revision later if there are substantive issues with the paper. But don't turn in some half-baked crap on March 24.

Prepare a report on the topic you've claimed and described in assignment 3. Your report should summarize the topic and current research on the topic succinctly and precisely. The paper should be around 5 pages for each member of your team. That is the average team of 5 should plan on 25 pages. It should indicate that you have done the research necessary to understand the topic. Don't play tricks with margins or figures to pad it. I'd rather see a credible effort that's a few pages short than see a 25-page paper with 3 inch margins and 15 figures. The basic criteria of success is that you covered the topic well and said interesting things.

It is expected that each member of the group will do a similar amount of work on the project, but it must be a coherent effort. Designate an editor to merge the various sections into a meaningful, flowing narrative. It's distressing to read a paper that was obviously written by 5 different people with different styles, vocabularies, grammars, etc. who didn't even bother to see if they were repeating what others had already said.

Beginning Monday (3/24), you should be prepared to give an (approximately 25 minute) presentation on your topic and answer any questions that may arise relating to it. Please prepare PowerPoint (or equivalent) slides to accompany your talk. The presentation order is the same as the order of groups in the "lottery," and is posted on the syllabus page, at the top.

It is not mandatory that all members of the group speak during your presentation. Each of you can present a portion, or the group can designate one or two group members to present. That's up to the group. If you are ambitious and would prefer to make a video rather than a presentation, that would be terrific. But the video should be of high quality and present the topic well. Here is an excellent example from a previous class: Drone Video.

Some guidelines for preparing the report are here: report writing guideline. Some additional general suggestions are here: suggestions. The most important proviso is to make sure that you don't plagarize. If you don't understand the basic guidelines of academic honesty, learn them. If you get lazy and try to copy your report from the Internet, you will get an F if you're caught, and you may face other academic penalties. Be sure to include references for all the sources you use. If you have too few references, it will indicate a lack of effort.

CS361C Assignment 4b

Due: on an ongoing basis throughout the presentation period.

For each day that presentations are given, you should prepare two "quiz" questions for each of the presentations (including your own). Imagine that you were preparing a quiz to test your classmates' attentiveness during the presentation. Write two questions to see if they were paying attention. Make your questions about the substantive issues of the presentations, not about trivial matters. They should be questions that would be answered by a short essay, not short answer questions. These will be collected at the end of the class in which the presentation is given, so you must be attentive to the presentations. If a presentation is continued to the subsequent class, the questions for that presentation should be submitted on the day it finishes.

Each individual is expected to do this assignment, even if working with a team on the paper and presentation. Do not copy someone else's questions.

Your submission will be broken up into N sections (where N is the number of presentations on that day) with a heading and the two questions for that topic. If you're attending and attentive to the presentations, this should be quite easy.

CS361C Assignment 4c

Due: TBA.

The final revised version of your paper and poster will be submitted on 4/30. You must address any substantive issues noted by the grading of the draft.