CS361C Extra Credit Assignment

Due: Wednesday, February 26, 2014 at classtime

Please submit a hard copy of this assignment to Dr. Young. If you can't be in class that day, send an electronic copy.

Note you can work with up to two other students on this project. Be sure to identify the members of the team and include a short paragraph explaining the contributions of each. There is no specific page limit; take as much space as you need to convey the information. You will be graded on the quality of your thought, not on your grammar or spelling. Nevertheless, you are expected to take care with those aspects.

The Assignment: Toward the end of slideset 1b, we discussed the following question: Given an organization needing to purchase multiple COTS software products, how can you assure the "security worthiness" of the purchased products? The U.S. Army addresses this question via its networthiness program, also mentioned in the slides. However, the sheer volume of products and the limited pool of analysts suggest that the problem is difficult, if not hopeless, especially if all products must be subjected to the most stringent scrutiny. But maybe there's a more rational approach to this problem. Your task is to look at this problem with fresh eyes and suggest how you'd go about solving it.

Your Deliverable: Produce a white paper (report) for the Army suggesting an approach that is likely to be effective in addressing this problem. Be as creative as you can, but make sure that you justify your suggestions.

Note: this assignment relates to a paper I'm considering writing. If you come up with some really novel ideas, perhaps you'll get cited in the paper.