Homework Assignment # 3

Due Wednesday September 25, 2013 by 11:59 PM. See teh following link for turnin instructions:


[10 Points] Please have the following at the top of HW3.py (Please don't put you name on the homework for privacy reasons.)

# HW3.py
# Homework 3
# UT EID: XXX999, UTCS username: XXXXXXXX 
# CS313e, Fall 2013, Dr. P. Cannata 
# Department of Computer Science, The University of Texas at Austin --

Add the following methods to the 
LinkedList code from book

that can be found on the class calendar:

-- car (implement it using an already existing method)
-- cdr (you don't have to make a copy, just modify the list itself)
-- cons (implement it using an already existing method)
-- contains     # Return true if this list contains the element e, i.e., def contains(self, e):
-- get          # Return the element from this list at the specified index, i.e., def get(self, index):

Please put all the new methods at the bottom of the LinkedList class so the TAs can find them easily.