Homework Assignment # 6

Due Wednesday October 16, 2013 by 11:59 PM. See the following link for turnin instructions:


[10 Points] Please have the following at the top of HW6.py (Please don't put you name on the homework for privacy reasons.)

# HW6.py
# Homework 6
# UT EID: XXX999, UTCS username: XXXXXXXX 
# CS313e, Fall 2013, Dr. P. Cannata 
# Department of Computer Science, The University of Texas at Austin --

Problem 1 [5 Points]: For the following statements, figure out what is implied and then write a tautological
proof in python for what is implied using list comprehension and a lambda expression:

It's Monday.
If it's Monday, the next day is Tuesday.
If the next day is Tuesday, then I will win a thousand dollars.

Problem 2 [5 Points]: 

For the following tuple of tuples that is data for a company's department,

dept = (('DEPTNO', 'DNAME', 'LOC'), (10, 'ACCOUNTING', 'NEW YORK'), (20, 'RESEARCH', 'DALLAS'), (30, 'SALES', 'CHICAGO'), (40, 'OPERATIONS', 'BOSTON'))

write a python list comprehension statement that will print a list of the department names (DNAMEs). This expression will be similar to what the following SQL statement would return from the dept table:

select DNAME from dept