The Computer Sciences Department Rules to Live By

January 2, 2002

The Computer Sciences Department is a community of scholars and students. Each of us thrives if the community thrives. Each of us thus has an individual responsibility to strive, not just for our own goals, but for the goals of the larger community. In this document, a group of the faculty have laid out a set of ground rules designed to make our department the kind of community in which we all want to live. If a professor in one of your classes has pointed you here, you should view this document as part of the syllabus for that class.

As a Student, What You Can Expect from Your Department

I. The CS Curriculum

II. Each Class that You Take

III. Responsiveness from the Instructional Staff

IV. Grades

As a Student, What the Department Can Expect from You

I. Academic Honesty

II. Attendance at Classes and Exams

III. Classroom Behavior

IV. Academic Work outside the Classroom

V. Faculty and Staff Interaction

VI. Grades