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September 7, 2012

Before I moved in with my roommate, Michael, freshman year, we had already decided what each of us were bringing. One of my duties was to bring and maintain a printer for the room. I was fine with that, since I had won an awesome printer courtesy of HP Codewars 2012. The thing came with a scanner, an online faxer, wireless capabilities, and even the ability to connect to Facebook!

Picture of the Print Daemon Running

Screenshot taken by Jonathan Lee

Unfortunately, we live in a dorm so I couldn't use my printer's wireless capabilities without fear of someone hijacking it and printing random pages. Instead, whenever Michael needed to print something, he would either pass me the file via flash drive or email. Let's just say it didn't take too long before I was tired of these manual requests. That's where JPrint (Print Daemon) comes in.

Before running the program, you have to first setup your email filter. For instance, let GMail move all new emails with subject "JPrint" to a folder called "JPrint". When you run the program, it asks for your email account and password so that it can setup IMAP push notifications. It also asks you which folder you set your filter to. Whenever new messages show up in that folder, JPrint will automatically download the attachment and will then print the file.

Currently it only works with PDF files. I'm still trying to figure out how to get it to print doc files. Sources online all point to using an OpenOffice server running in the background.

This small little program is a very useful time-saver. I run it whenever I start up my computer and just leave it running in the background. If the computer hibernates/sleeps or the connection fails, JPrint will try to reconnect and re-establish the link. Pretty much just open and leave running.

Documents Printed (as of 9/15/13): 102

You can find the source here: Download Me!

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