Short bio

I received my B.Eng. in Computer Engineering and M.Phil. in Computer Science & Engineering from the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) in 2010 and 2012 respectively. I am now working towards a Ph.D. in Computer Science at the University of Texas at Austin. I am interested in privacy, security and distributed systems.

Recent publications

  1. Henry C. H. Chen and Patrick P. C. Lee.
    Enabling Data Integrity Protection in Regenerating-Coding-Based Cloud Storage: Theory and Implementation.
    IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems, 25(2): 407-416, Feb. 2014.
    (An earlier version appeared in IEEE SRDS 2012)
    [Main pdf] [Supplementary pdf] [FMSR-DIP project homepage]
  2. Henry C. H. Chen, Yuchong Hu, Patrick P. C. Lee, and Yang Tang.
    NCCloud: A Network-Coding-Based Storage System in a Cloud-of-Clouds.
    IEEE Transactions on Computer, 63(1): 31-44, Jan. 2014.
    (An earlier version appeared in USENIX FAST 2012)
    [pdf] [NCCloud project homepage]

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As teaching assistant in UT

  • CS 371P Object-Oriented Programming, Fall 2014

As teaching assistant in CUHK

  • CSCI 4430 Data Communication and Computer Networks, Spring 2012
  • CSCI 3150 Introduction to Operating Systems, Fall 2011
  • CSCI 4140 Open-source Software Project Development, Spring 2011
  • CSCI 3150 Introduction to Operating Systems, Fall 2010


Graduate courses taken at UT

  • EE 381K-7    Information Theory (Prof. Alex Dimakis)
  • EE 381V    Large-Scale Machine Learning (Prof. Alex Dimakis)
  • CS 391L    Machine Learning (Prof. Dana Ballard)
  • CS 388H    Cryptography (Prof. Brent Waters)
  • EE 382V    Security at the Hardware-Software Interface (Prof. Mohit Tiwari)
  • CS 388R    Randomized Algorithms (Prof. Greg Plaxton)
  • CS 380D    Distributed Computing (Prof. Lorenzo Alvisi)
  • CS 383C    Numerical Analysis: Linear Algebra (Prof. Robert van de Geijn)
  • CS 388L    Introduction to Mathematical Logic (Prof. Vladimir Lifschitz)
  • CS 396M    Advanced Networking Protocols (Prof. Simon Lam)