I speak Wu Chinese as my mother tongue, though Mandarin is also native to me. So do my family members.

In terms of the number of speakers, Wu (Sino-Tibetan : Sinitic : Southern) is the second largest language in China and the 10th largest in the world. It is a soft and light language spoken mainly in the Jiang-Nan region, i.e., southern part of Jiangsu, Shanghai and Zhejiang. It is very different from Mandarin in many aspects (details here). ( Cited from Dr. Huang Liang @ UPenn)

Courses I taught:
CS 356 Computer Networks (Fall 2008) TA webpage
COMP362: Computer Communication Networks Fall 2007
COMP211: Introduction to Software Engineering Spring 2007 & Spring 2008
COMP211H: Introduction to Software Engineering (Honor's Track) Spring 2007 & Spring 2008
COMP104: Programming Fundamentals and Methodology Fall 2006


CS395T The Semantic Web, Ontologies and Cloud Databases M330-630p, TAY 3.144
CS395T Computational Statistics with Application to Bioinformatics MW1:30-3:00PM in PAI 3.14 [Numerical Recipes]
CS 380D Distributed Computing
CS 391D Data Mining: A Mathematical Perspective
CS388L: Introduction to Mathematical Logic (TTh 12:30-2, RLM 5.118)
CS395T: Topics in Network Protocol Design (F 2-4:30, Taylor 3.144)
CS395T: Algorithmic Game Theory (TTh 3:30-5, ENS 115)
CS395T: Computational Statistics w/Applications in Bioinformatics (MW 1:30-3, GAR 0.128)
CS386W: Wireless Networking (Fall 2008)
CS398T: Research/Teaching in Computer Science
COMP581: Cryptography and Security (Prof. Cunsheng Ding)
COMP680L: Mobile and Pervasive Computing (Prof. Yunhao Liu)
COMP573 Computational Geometry Spring 2007 (Prof. Siu-Wing Cheng)
COMP660K Peer-to-Peer System and Application, Theory and Practice Spring 2007 (Prof. Bo Li)
COMP680K Wireless and Mobile Computing Spring 2007 (Prof. Lionel Ni & Prof. Yunhao Liu)
COMP271H Design and Analysis of Algorithms (Honors Track) Fall 2006 (Prof. Siu-Wing Cheng)
COMP362 Computer Communication Networks Fall 2006 (Prof. Yunhao Liu)
COMP572 Introduction to Combinatorial Optimization Fall 2006 (Prof. Mordecai J. Golin)
COMP680J Self-Organizing Networks and Systems Fall 2006 (Prof. Lionel Ni)

Useful links for independent study

Google GoogleScholar Baidu
How to do Research At the MIT AI Lab (Chinese Version)
Hints for Reading Papers in CMU Network course
(CMU, Prof. Hui Zhang)
Writing Technical Articles
(Columbia, Prof. Henning Schulzrinne)
How to Write an Abstract
(CMU, Prof. Phil Koopman)
A compendium of NP optimization problems
Computational Geometry Pages by Jeff Erickson
Autonomous Networks Research Group (Dr. Bhaskar Krishnamachari)
CS 451 Wireless Sensor Networks (UVa, Prof. Stankovic) CSE 521S (WUSTL, Prof. Chenyang Lu)
COMS W4180 Network Security (Columbia, Prof. Steven M. Bellovin)
6.885 Distributed Algorithms for Mobile Wireless Ad Hoc Networks (MIT, Prof. Nancy Lynch)
CSE590 Algorithms for Wireless Sensor Networks (SUNY-SB, Prof. Jie Gao) Fall05
6.829 Computer Networks (MIT, Professor Hari Balakrishnan)
CS268 Graduate Computer Networking (UC-Berkeley, Prof. Ion Stoica )
CS364A: Algorithmic Game Theory (Stanford, Prof. Tim Roughgarden)
CMPSCI 453 / CMPSCI 591 Computer Networking (UMass-Amherst, Professor Jim Kurose)
COMP 272 Theory of Computation (HKUST, Prof.
Derick Wood)
COMP271: Design and Analysis of Algorithms. Spring 2003 (HKUST, Prof. Mordecai J.GOLIN)
6.046/18.410 Intro to Algorithms (MIT,
Prof. Erik D Demaine, Prof. Charles E. Leiserson)
How to write a good review
(Dartmouth, Prof. Hany Farid)
Tips on Writing Statement of Purpose and Personal Statement Essays

A. D. Wood's list of conference deadlines for wireless sensor networks and related research fields.

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