Alert Standard Format (ASF)

ASF is a DMTF management standard that specifies "pre-operating system" or "operating system absent" alerting techniques. The standard is designed to generate an alert on potential security and fault conditions when the operating system is in a sleep state or the system is turned off. ASF is designed to supersede previous operating system-absent alerting technologies.

Your computer supports the following ASF alerts and remote capabilities:



Chassis Intrusion – Physical Security Violation/Chassis Intrusion – Physical Security Violation Event Cleared

The docking device has been opened and the PCI slot has been compromised.

Failure to Boot to BIOS

The BIOS did not complete loading upon initiation.

System Password Violation

The system password is invalid (alert occurs after three failed attempts).

Entity Presence

Periodic heartbeats have been transmitted to verify system presence.

For more information about Dell's ASF implementation, see ASF for Dell Portable Computers and the ASF Administrator's Guide for Dell Portable Computers, which are available on the Dell Support website at

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