2017-2018 season

I wrote both the UT invitational and UT regional exams. In addition, I contributed to the MIT Invitational and Nationals exam, and helped supervise at both tournaments.

UT Regional: Mar 2018

I wasn't prescient enough to calculate statistics for the UT Invitational, but thankfully I realized that it might be useful by the time the Regional tournament rolled around. These statistics are for the Astronomy exam; numbers are given in units of raw score points.

Mean Standard Deviation Sample size
57.4 36.3 11

UT Invitational: Nov 2017

In hindsight, I was a little overzealous about writing a challenging Astronomy test; I ended up with an exam which was beneficial to the most competitive teams, but impenetrable for most other teams. Of course, this is not what Science Olympiad is about -- especially at the invitational level. I want to encourage new teams to pursue astronomy, not discourage them. I'm making an effort to write tests which are more accessible to newer teams, while still being challenging for more experienced teams.