CS 105 (C++)

Assignment 5: Guessing Game

-WarGames (1983)

I. Overview

In this assignment, you will implement a text-based number guessing game.

The user will be prompted for the top and bottom of a number range, and a random number in that range (inclusive) will be generated.  The user will then be prompted for guesses, and will be given feedback until the number is guessed.

At the heart of your code will be a class that generates the random number and gives feedback on guesses.

The following are a few technical details you will need to use in your code.
The following are some important details of how your program must be implemented.

II. Grading

The following is a list of specific assignment requirements, along with the grade value for each (out of a total of 10 points for the assignment).

III. The More You Know

The following are some additional items that may be very important for you to know about this assignment.