CS 105: C++
Project 1 Required Concepts
C: Chapter 1

  1. Be able to write a simple printf statement, including a basic format string and the use of common escape sequences.

  2. Know the syntax for comments in C.

  3. Understand the operation of a simple for loop in C.

  4. Understand what getchar does and what it returns.

  5. Understand the basics of what happens when ++ or -- are applied immediately before or after a variable.

  6. main is a function that returns a value.  What does this value (typically) mean?

  7. Does C pass variables to functions by value or by reference?  What are the implications of this?

  8. Understand the basics of how character arrays are used in C.

  9. What happens when int and float values are combined in expressions and assignments?

  10. What is the difference between = and == in C?

  11. Understand the following expression (as used in this chapter):
    ((c = getchar()) != EOF)

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