CS 105: C++
Project 5 Required Concepts
C++: Chapter 1-4

  1. What is the C++ equivalent of printf?  What library header do you need to include for it?  How is it used to print an integer?  A float?  A string?  Understand how to combine multiple statements of this type into one.

  2. How can you print to standard error in C++?

  3. Understand the basics of function overloading.

  4. What is typically used in C++ instead of NULL?

  5. What change makes the use of structs slightly easier in C++ than it was in C?

  6. Can class member functions be overloaded?

  7. What does the keyword "inline" do when applied to a class member function?

  8. What does the keyword "static" mean when applied to a class data member?

  9. What is the default access level in a C++ class?

  10. According to the book, what's the one difference between a class and a struct in C++?

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