CS 105: C++
Quiz 9 Requirements
C++: Chapter 3, 4

  1. Class member functions can be either defined when they are declared (inside the class definition) or later (outside the class definition).  Be sure you can write a complete definition for a simple example of either type (including all required syntax).

  2. Remember overloaded functions from the previous quiz?  Is this also allowed for class member functions?

  3. What does the keyword "inline" do when applied to a class member function?

  4. What does the keyword "static" mean when applied to a class data member?

  5. How are the access levels "public" and "private" typically used for member functions and data members in C++?

  6. What is the default access level in a C++ class?

  7. According to the book, what's the one difference between a class and a struct in C++?
  8. Can one object access the private members of another object from the same class?  (Note: The answer might surprise you.)  What's an example of how this might be useful?

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