CS 301k - Homework Requirements and Comments

1. Not all problems in each homework set will be graded. We will typically choose a subset of the assigned problems to grade.

2. Your homework solutions must be legible. If your handwriting is not legible, use a word processor to produce solutions.

3. Each claim you make must follow from the hypothesis or previous claims.

4. Critique your own proofs carefully before submitting them. We are focusing not only on writing correct proofs, but learning to recognize when a proof is, and is not, correct.

5. Pictures should not appear in your proofs. A picture can convey an idea, but a picture is not a formal proof.

6. After a homework set is handed in, you are expected to be prepared to present your solution on the board in class.

7. Homework solution sets must be stapled together at the top left corner. Your solutions should not folded in any way or placed in a binder or folder. Put your name, EID and discussion section time in the top right corner.