CS 303e - Programming Assignment 1

For your first assignment, please visit the Elements lab in Painter Hall, room 5.38 during your discussion section (Friday, January 25th), when your TA will be in the Elements lab to help you with this assignment. If you complete this assignment before discussion, you do not need to attend class on that day.

This is an individual assignment. You must complete it on your own.

This assignment is worth 20 points.

Complete the following:

  1. Obtain a CS lab account before your discussion section meeting: Go to https://apps.cs.utexas.edu/udb/newaccount/ and follow the prompts. Ideally you should do this soon, as it takes at least two full days (and sometimes longer) for your account to be activated. You can either do this from your own machine, or there are two machines - one in PAI 3.12 and one in PAI 5.38 - that are set up to allow students to request account activation. You must remember the account name and password you choose - they will not be emailed to you. You will use this account to turn in your files, even if you do not work in the lab. Note: You will only  be notified when your account is activated if you provide an email when creating the account.

  2. I will add everyone registered to the course to the class discussion group on Piazza. Accept the invitation and create your Piazza account. You can alter the desired email account for notifications from the discussion group.

    If you did not get a notification, find the class discussion board on Piazza--- Join the CS303E group for The University of Texas at Austin. You should check messages on the board regularly as you are responsible for any announcements that are posted on it.

    You will also receive email notifications, so you should set up a filter in your email client / program to send all the messages to a separate folder to avoid flooding your inbox. If you do know how to set up a filter type the phrase "How to set up an email filter in X" into your favorite search engine. Replace X with your email program such as gmail or yahoo mail or outlook.

    Ask and answer questions of general interest related to course material here. Never post solutions to class exercises or any segment of code longer than three lines. You might also want to use the discussion board to form study groups for exams and practice sets.

  3. Purchase (or designate) a memory stick to store your CS 303E programs on. Bring the memory stick with you to the lab.
  4. If you plan to work on your programming assignments on your own computer, read Appendix B in your textbook; it describes how to download python (and IDLE, a python integrated development environment, or IDE). You can download python here. Please download Python version 2.7.
  5. Appendix B also describes how to use the IDLE editor to write a python program. We will also see in class how to use a text editor (like notepad or TextEdit) to create python programs that can be executed from the command prompt.
  6. Type in the InigoMontoya program. It is not necessary that you understand all the terms in this program, as they will be introduced to you in class during the semester. The purpose of this program is print some text to the screen. Be careful to preserve the indentation (using spaces).
  7. Save your program, and make sure you use the file name Inigo.py. This is a plain text file, but we use the "py" ending to indicate that the file contains a python program.
  8. Run your program by following the directions in Appendix B.
  9. Read the instructions on how to submit your program with the Turnin Program. Your finished Inigo.py file should be submitted according to the turnin instructions.
  10. Make a backup of your Inigo.py file on your memory stick and then logout of the computer. Always save your work BEFORE logging out---once logged out all your information is lost unless saved elsewhere. You can save your file on a memory stick, or by emailing the file to yourself, or by using the turnin program. But don't log out before you save your program.
  11. Recall if you do not turn in the file with the correct name (Inigo.py) with the correct and completed header to the correct folder on turnin you will receive no credit!