CS 303e - Lab 8
Due by 11 pm on Thursday, May 5, 2011

For this project, you will write a program that generates a graphics window that looks very much like the one below.

  Alagappan will be grading this project. Contact her first with any grading questions. Grades for this project will be posted in egradebook by Monday, May 9, and feedback will be returned via turnin by this date as well.

You will use Zelle's graphics module, which you should download and save in the same directory as your project file, sun.py.

For this project:

We will cover all the graphics objects you need for this project in class. This reference will be helpful.

You may receive up to 5 bonus points on this project for creating an additional program lab8bonus.py that creates a GraphWin project. This program draws a house in the graphics window. The number of bonus points you receive will depend on how detailed your house is - elements you may want to include are windows, a door, a chimney... If you submit this bonus program, indicate that you did so in the header of your sun.py file.  In order to receive bonus points, your program must contain some details - a house that consists of nothing but a rectangle with a triangle on top will not suffice.

You may NOT use slip days on this project.

Did you remember to: