Schedule - CS 303e - Spring 2013

This schedule, and the links contained in it, are subject to change during the semester.

Date Topic Reading and Events
Reading Assignments are from the required textbook, Python Programming by Zelle, unless otherwise noted.
Mon Jan 14
Syllabus and Course Introduction

Link to Notes:
Course info notes
Frog and Toad puzzle

1.Read the course syllabus, topics list, and schedule
2. Read chapter 1 in the book

Program 1 assigned - due on 1/25
You will start, and hopefully complete, this assignment in the lab during  next Friday's discussion section or on your own beforehand. 

Wed Jan 16
A Brief Python Tour
CS Points of Interest

Link to Notes:
Python Tour
1. Read the style guidelines for programming assignments in cs 303e. Part of your grade on each programming assignment will be based on style.
2. Purchase a memory stick (USB/flash drive) for permanent storage of your programs. You will need to save your programs on the memory stick before logging off the machines in the elements lab - otherwise your work will be lost!
3. Read sections 2.1-2.3.
4. Puzzler of the Day
Fri Jan 18
No discussion today

Mon Jan 21
No class - MLK Jr. holiday

Wed Jan 23 Computers and Algorithms

Link to Notes:
 Computers and Algorithms

1. Puzzler of the Day
Fri Jan 25
Discussion section - getting comfortable with using software for this course
Meet your TA in the Elements lab, PAI 5.38.
1. Read the first programming assignment before you go to discussion section.
2. In discussion, your TA will help you log on to a computer, and help you enter, compile and run your first python program.

Program 1 due on 1/25

Mon Jan 28

Output to the screen, variables, arithmetic operators

Link to Notes:
Python Basics
1. Read the rest of chapter 2.
2. Puzzler of the Day
3. Python style guide

 Complete the following discussion assignment before your discussion section meets Friday. It is important for you to work all questions in advance. Quizzes during discussion sections may cover questions from these assignments.

Wed Jan 30
Data type conversions and input from the keyboard

Link to Notes:
Type conversions and input
1. Puzzler of the Day
2. Lab 2 will be available on Friday.

Fri. Feb 1

Discussion: practice with algorithms and the input() function.

1. Make sure you finish the discussion assignment before class. 

Mon Feb 4
Line continuation, output formatting, and decision structures

Formatting and Decisions
In ppt

1. Read chapter 4 (we'll come back to chapter 3 later).
2. Guess the Output
3. Finish this discussion assignment before Friday's discussion section meeting.
Wed Feb 6
logical operators and while loops

Notes: Notes in ppt
Logical ops and Loops
1. Puzzler of the Day
Fri. Feb 8
discussion - practice with decisions and formatting
Mon Feb 11
Logical operators and while loops
1. Guess the Output
Wed Feb 13
Loops and Simple Functions

Notes in ppt
1. Discussion assignment - take your solutions with you to discussion on Friday.
Fri. Feb 15
practice with loops 1. Read 3.1-3.3
2. Discussion Notes
Mon Feb 18
More loops and functions

More functions
In ppt
1. Read 5.1-5.4
Wed Feb 20

String manipulation
In ppt
1. Midterm 1 review sheet
2. Discussion assignment - take your solutions to class on Friday.
Fri. Feb 22 Discussion:
Be prepared to turn in your solutions to the discussion assignment.
Q&A about midterm review sheet
quiz likely
1. Discussion notes - for loops and functions
2. Sample exam 1
Mon Feb 25
Q&A about exam topics
1. Midterm 1 review sheet - solutions
2. Sample exam solutions
Wed Feb 27
exam 1
Fri. Mar 1
no discussion today 1. Finish reading chapter 5 and section 6.1.
Mon Mar 4
More on Strings
random number generation (using random.randint())
Notes: More Strings
1. quiz likely
Wed Mar 6
Nested loops and functions

loops and functions
In ppt
1. Read chapter 6, sections 2 and 3.
2. quiz likely
3. Discussion assignment - finish this assignment before class on Friday.
4. Some practice problems on loops, functions, and conditionals.
Fri Mar 8
No discussion: If you have questions about exam 1, please email your discussion leader to request an appointment  
Mon. March 11
spring break
Wed March 13
spring break
Fri. March 15
spring break
Mon. March 18
More functions with return values

In ppt
1. Problem of the Day
2. Finish reading chapter 6.
Wed. March 20 Functions with return values
Functions that (sort of) return multiple values

More Functions
In ppt
1. Problem of the Day
2. Note: "Problems of the Day" and discussion assignments are likely future quiz questions.
Fri. March 22 Discussion:

Practice with functions and loops.
1. Discussion assignment - finish before class on Friday.
Mon. March 25 More functions
Reading data from files

File I/O
In ppt
1. Problem of the Day

Wed. March 27
File I/O
Discuss Exam 2

1. Midterm 2 review sheet - work these by Monday.
2. Problem of the Day
3. Practice with compound conditionals, functions and loops
Fri. March 29
Exam 2 review sheet

1. Exam 2 review
2. quiz likely, or we may collect the discussion assignment as a take-home quiz
3. Discussion assignment - work the midterm 2 review sheet, and bring your solutions to class.
Mon. April 1

Review for exam 2
1. Midterm 2 review solutions
Wed. April 3
Exam 2 in class

Fri. April 5
No discussion
1. Exam 2 from 2009 and solutions
2. Exam 2 review sheet solutions
Mon April 8
Exam 2 returned and discussed

Notes: Lists
In ppt

1. Read chapter 8, sections 1 to 3
Wed April 10
A bit more about Strings (methods vs. functions)

ppt notes
String methods
Credit Card Number Validation example
1. Discussion assignment - finish before discussion on Friday
2. Read 7.1-7.3
3. Problem of the Day
Fri April 12
Discussion: practice with lists
1. Re-work exam 2 questions before Friday's discussion section meeting.
2. Work discussion assignment before class.
3. Discussion notes
Mon April 15
Practice with lists and string methods -
CCN validation
Practice with Lists and Strings
1. Problem of the Day
2. Breaking down the CCN validation problem
Wed April 17

Beyond lists: other data structures

In ppt
data structures
1. Problem of the Day
2. Finish this discussion assignment before class on Friday.
Fri. April 19
Practice with lists
1. Work the following coding bat problems before Monday:
big diff,  lucky sum, xyz there
Mon. April 22

In ppt

Wed. April 24 More graphics
1. Exam 3 review sheet - work questions 3-5 before discussion on Friday
2. Work the following coding bat problems before Friday's discussion section:
end other, has22, sum 13
Fri. April 26 Practice with dictionaries and graphics
1. Complete these exercises during discussion
Mon. April 29
Exam 3 review
1. Some solutions for exam 3 review
2. Sample exam 3
3. Practice Problems
Wed. May 1
Exam 3 in class
Fri. May 3
no discussion